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I help clients to drive their business more precise strategically, to organize and manage it aptly and effectively, and to make the right and well-informed decisions, as well to tackle changes in order to strengthen competitive advantage and to support sustainable growth

Hello, I'm Vitaly Shershidsky, I help people run their businesses. I passionately love my job and I like the idea to make our world a little better place by improving a business of my clients. What I do is called management consulting or, as is more common in Russia, business consulting. In other words, I am a professional management consultant. This means that I have a university degree in economics, major in "Management", and some additional special training in operational and strategic management fields. In recent years, I have had extensive practice in the area of strategy and its execution.

More than 15 years my work has been helping to make business more efficient. In 2009 I established a small strategic consulting house Acumen Partners, I'm managing partner there. Since 2013 I am a partner at European allocate International as well.

I live in Moscow, Russian Federation. The geography of my work often extends beyond the Moscow Ring Road, the borders of Russia and the continent's shores. Wherever your business is located, I will be glad to help you to manage it more accurate and efficiently.

This is where you may find useful articles and tips, a description of my services and experience, and some details about my person.


Examples of accomplished management consulting projects

The advantages of a management consultant are best illustrated by the outcomes

For many, my work has helped to manage their business more accurately and efficiently. Finding and formulating a strategy, increasing return on capital, enhancing sustainable competitive advantages, optimizing costs, implement a new working organizational structure — only a fraction of the accomplishments, which my clients appreciated.

Solved Cases

My work has already helped the companies, operating in 11 countries and 137 cities


What the clients are saying:

  • Vitaly's opinion sometimes dissonates with our well-established ideas, but he knows how to be very convincing
  • In addition to the impeccable content of the study, I would like to note a vivid and convincing presentation of the results. Impressive!
  • Excellent response to suggestions and comments in the course of the project and an in-depth knowledge of the "Strategy Development" theme. Much was beyond my expectations.
  • In the project "Strategic Management Design and Implementation" it is especially worth mentioning Vitaly's commitment, despite the external circumstance. All promises were fulfilled timely and in full. Even a bit more!
  • We are grateful for the high-quality and honest work and looking forward to new cooperation!
  • In the "Strategy development" project, the result exceeded expectations in terms of depth and quality. Professionally done work!
  • The results presented actually exceeded the required scope: we received a greater degree of detail on the criteria and a more complete list in the questionnaires. The result exceeded expectations.
  • I can't help but praise Vitaly's determination. The project has always returned on its way to the planned results, despite all the objective difficulties.
  • Working with Vitaly is comfortable and productive
  • The consistency and persuasiveness of Vitaly's actions helped us to carry out a difficult and complex business reorganization without complications. We learn first hand how much a solid experience in a transformation means.
  • Your musical tastes are so-so, but your vision is impressive, complex and has a long horizon.
  • Strategic change is always a challenge. With Vitaly's participation, we felt confident in their implementation.
  • Apparently, experience in the Norton-Kaplan's company was not in vain. The developed Balanced Scorecard facilitated greatly our long-term management and mobilized management.
  • Thanks to Vitaly, we began to manage the company strategically
  • We have made organizational changes faster and more efficiently than expected from the start. Everything was very professional.
  • In developing and implementing the Balanced Scorecard, all the work was done in good faith. Our expectations were either met or exceeded.
  • Our project was not typical, as it focused on criteria for evaluating the strategic process in a broad context. We are quite satisfied with the result. We received all the information we needed.
  • Vitaly's excellent quality is his ability to quickly integrate into the team and look at the company from the inside, which allows him to achieve maximum results in the task at hand.

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Can I solve your case? Definitely!

My skills

  • Strategy development: corporate, business or functional, as well sustainable growth, go-to-market and expansion
  • Strategy execution and Balanced Scorecard: design/implement execution system or manage an execution or both in parallel
  • Turnaround and restructuring - several huge and handful of typical cases
  • Operational performance - re-engineering, optimizing or design business processes (Lean Six Sigma, ARIS, BPMN, IDEF, UML)
  • Familiar with the best practices from around globe as well as posessing practical experience in emerging markets
  • A lot (seriously, a lot) experience in change management and transformation
  • Realistic in decisions and suggestions
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Creative problem solver
  • Open-minded agile thinker
  • Exceptional communicator
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