Need advice?

Let me help

Doesn’t matter what industry you are in with your ambitions, sometimes you get stuck and you just can’t move forward. You need a bit of a push, a bit of feedback, solutions, ideas, and encouragement.

Whether you want some marketing advice for your upcoming product, a few solid pointers for your company, new strategies for aligning your business, targeted feedback on your toward a decision, a spot of some general business coaching or you need detached view third party opinion to make you sure it’s all right, I can help you out.

Let’s talk

You and me, face to face.

We sit down for an hour, and we talk through whatever you’re stuck on – or whatever you’re hoping to achieve. In Moscow it’s suitable to meet each other privately. If we are not in the same city it can happen online via Skype or Google video chat.

Talk what it seems to you is the problem, what’s bothering you and we’ll find the whys and wherefores. I’ll give you the advice, the encouragement, the tools, and – if necessary – the shove you need to get you moving to the next level. And if the problem is not too sophisticated you’ll come away with a set of very practical next steps.

Drop me an email, and we can get started.

Want a visit?

Sometimes a short meeting is not enough, unreasonable to talk by the phone or through the Internet or we have no opportunity to meet in Moscow.

I can come to your office, headquarter, business-unit out of Moscow, Russia, CIS. I can help brainstorm whatever you do, participate in the meeting, make brief diagnosis or hold a workshop.

At times one visit is enough. From time to time it becomes orderly. It might be helpful when regular business or changes need non-partisan fair glance from outside. Maybe it’s a new for company unique project or anything but simpler times in business. Sometimes you need support in strategy sessions, an outside member of the board or fortify the advisory.

Anyway, this puts me on your team.

Have a case to solve?

More often consultants are helpful with large-scale odd activity.

I can act both like non-trivial task performer and drilling-down problem-digger to understand and formulate the tasks to solve.

If you absolutely sure about tasks to do, I can help to plan and organize the project, adapt methodology and succeed the one with my experienced associate, if need be. Whether it’s a process optimization, performance management tool development (balanced scorecard for instance), strategic management system implementation, strategy finding or upcoming decision vindication – you’ll get professional hand.

From time to time you reflect on the tasks instead to get it done. It’s sure sign you need to drill down to discover the problem’s bottom and find out the reasons. Whatever it is I can be helpful with the most kind of complicated, out of routine tasks dealing, problem and reasons understanding.

But I can’t help with anything is above my bend or what doesn’t interest me even client want a miracle. I’m not a huge group “Whatever-Consulting” but the hand you shake at the beginning will always type the answer on your question, pick up the phone on your call, write down the points in the meetings and lead the project to the goals – and be sure you are in safe hands. Also, my clients rarely receive proposals larger the one A4 piece of paper. In project docs you won’t neither see another project name in the headers nor suddenly find yourself out as an unknown company executive. The deliverables I do for you are useless as a paper-weight or test battery for your managers. Instead, they understandable explained in the language you talk and can be not only studied, but useful as a practical guide with particular case solving.

There are lots of ways this can work – so send me a message and let’s get talking about it.