"Hello and welcome! I'm a management consultant..."

My job helps to drive precisely clients’ business strategically, to organize properly and to align it with the goals, to make well-informed decisions, as well to handle the changes that sustain the competitive advantage and to grow the revenue
Hi, I am Vitaly Shershidsky, I'm helping people to manage the business. I like the idea to make the world a little better by improving the clients' business, and I love my job. What do I do is named management consulting or business consulting as it's prevailing in Russian. In other words I'm a professional management consultant. This means I have a university degree in Economics, major in "Management", the additional trainings and the further education in the strategy and operations fields. The recent years I have excessive practice in the strategy finding and executing.

This is . I live in Moscow, Russian Federation. More than 15 years my work has been helping to make business more efficient. In 2009 I established a small strategic firm Acumen Partners, I'm managing partner there. Since 2013 I am a partner at allocate International as well.


Can I crack your case? Definitely!

My skills

  • Corporate and operations strategy, strategy implementation and execution
  • Operations performance - reengineering, redesign or elaborate processes
  • Personal experience with the best practices from both developed and developing countries around the globe
  • XXI Century worldview and overseas insight
  • Expert in change management
  • Exceptional communicator
  • Creative problem solver
  • Agile thinker
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